Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Wits by the List, a Found Poem


The Academy of Complements Wits Recreations
The Card of Courtship The Harmony of the Muses
Wits Interpreter The Marrow of Complements
Musarum Deliciæ Wit and Drollery
Parnassus Biceps Sportive Wit Choyce Drollery
The Mysteries of Love and Eloquence Wit Restor'd
J. Cleaveland Revived Le Prince d'Amour
An Antidote Against Melancholy Folly in Print
The New Academy of Complements
A Jovial Garland Oxford Drollery Westminster Drollery
Covent Garden Drollery New Court-Songs Windsor Drollery
Holborn Drollery London Drollery
Wit at a Venture A New Collection
A Perfect Collection of the Several Songs now in Mode
Mock Songs and Joking Poems
The Wits Academy The Last and Best Edition of New Songs
Grammatical Drollery Wit and Mirth
Methinks the Poor Town has been troubled too long

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