Sunday, 3 January 2010

A Given Oracle

On Hexagram 40 (from Chris Lofting's I Ching plus:

40 Deliverance Relaxed Structuring
Within a context of containment we utilise (sudden) awareness.

"HSIEH : loosen, disjoin, untie, sever, scatter; analyse, explain, understand; release, dispel sorrow; eliminate effects, solve problems; resolution, deliverance. The ideogram: horns and knife, cutting into forward thrust." ERANOS p444

Image :
"[With containment comes awareness] : Deliverance. One generously responds to forgiving wrongdoing."

Class: Integrating

Commentary :
Cooperative Format : In hexagram 40 we have the explicit form of release from tension; the loosening of structure. The first flash of lightning and crack of thunder signalling the break of a storm. In the image, from a position of security one is able to forgive generously, and thus reduce tension. This is an explicit act of tension release, compared to the hexagram's complement, hexagram 37 The Family, where the implicit nature of the structured environment is relaxing; here it is the release of structure that works. Contextually, from a position 180 degrees apart, we develop through compromise and thus deliverance - the relaxing of structure. Hexagram 40 is the general expression of that described by hexagram 09 where the emphasis is on making small gains to succeed, thus the accumulation acts to reduce tension. In 40 the accumulation is 'in the air'.

Oppositional Format : Hexagram 40 manifests thunder against constraint.

Structural Relationship (Being) : Hexagram 40 is the opposite of hexagram 37. Both hexagrams deal with tension release but 40 covers the release through relaxing of structure, whereas 37 deals with tension release through maintaining of rigid structure.

Temporal Relationship (Doing) : The Goal of 40 is hexagram 51 (or 'how do I 51? - 40' How do I enlighten, become more aware? Sudden release of tensions)

Five-Phase Relationships : The trigram of Water reflects Consumption. The trigram of Thunder reflects raw Production. Consumption (containment aspect) expressed through 'sudden' production is expressed as a sudden relaxation of tension.

40 is the goal of 54 (or 'how do I 40? - 54 - How do I release tensions? high, intense output of energy)

Extended Commentary
Referring to the Quality Matrix below, the raw context from which hexagram 40 derives is described by analogy with hexagram 64, a general sense of remaining or becoming 'open', avoiding closure. Once within hexagram 40, base level is described by analogy with the general nature of hexagram 38, (avoiding) Oppositions, in that hexagram 38 is linked to the bottom line of hexagram 40 and expresses the general focus on tension reduction. The development path of qualitative expression works up through the lines of hexagram 40 where at line 5 it is best expressed by analogy to hexagram 06, Compromising, where the intent of the development is to reduce tensions through compromise. This tension reduction through relaxation'' need is finally transformed at the peak of the hexagram, line 6, into the expression of relaxation of structure to allow for flexibility.

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